2017, Rewound

2017 marked MNML’s 10th anniversary. A decade is a blur when you do what you love alongside teammates and partners that are passionate about making the built world better. Thank you for your continued support and positivity. It is an exciting time in design and we look forward to continuing the journey with all of you.


MNML X-Series

Celebrating a Decade of Disruption

Designs that inspire us most exist beyond trend, span decades, and live on for generations. These objects have been thoughtfully considered and get better with age. This is at the heart of the MNML Shop and our new collection of everyday essentials, starting with the X-Series timepieces.

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Ovie Smarterware

IoT Incubation

Americans throw away 40% of the food they buy, costing consumers thousands of dollars annually and creating the third largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions on the planet.

Ovie Smarterware is a simple system of smart tags designed to help you track, remember, and enjoy the food you have. It helps cut down on food waste by reminding you about the food you already have before it goes bad and can provide recipe suggestions based on your available ingredients. MNML and Scott Wilson have partnered with Ovie to help them deliver this meaningful smart kitchen product to market. From design strategy and advanced visualization to engineering, supply chain, and strategic partnership introductions, MNML has helped amplify Ovie’s early stage.

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Modular Acoustic Tiles

Open floor plans and hard surfaces amplify noise and distraction. Inspired by their own sound challenges, MNML partnered with Turf, a Chicago-based interior acoustic company, to invent, design, and engineer a range of modular acoustic ceiling tiles that retrofit over traditional drop ceiling installations. Made from 100% recycled PET bottles, the felt tiles easily snap to metal ceiling grids magnetically, perfectly balancing expression, performance, and ease of install. The four collections of tiles allow for infinite customization that dramatically transform everyday spaces both acoustically and aesthetically.



A desk with a view

To stand or not to stand, that is no longer the question. The team at DeskView came to us to design and engineer a premium, portable, window-mounted standing desk alternative that supports flexibility in the modern workplace. DeskView features innovative use of industrial-grade architectural suction cups, which allows you to quickly and securely mount to any smooth non-porous surface and take advantage of the best thing about your office: the view.

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Make your memories stick

Magnaframe is a magnetic, easily reconfigurable and swappable, picture frame system. Created to reflect your changing narrative, MNML worked closely with Magnaframe to design and engineer the product, packaging, and brand identity, as well as assist with sourcing and setting up their supply chain. Make your memories stick in your own curated photo gallery right at home.

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HBF Sono Sofa


HBF's Todd Bracher has been injecting a new "international design language" into the company for the past two years by collaborating with architects, artists, and designers. Sono, designed by Scott Wilson for HBF, encourages focus and flexibility through its sculpted form to create relaxed privacy in a minimally obtrusive respect. With its attention to comfort, form and quality, Sono provides a floating oasis and the freedom to work where, how, and when you want in any open environment.


HBF Fulton Rocker


The Fulton Rocker, also designed by Scott Wilson for HBF, re-envisions a traditional classic as a timeless, modern design. Fulton pairs an upholstered lounge of generous proportions with elegant materials to elevate the category of wood rocking chairs, creating a soothing experience in a high-energy collaborative work environment or a quiet room.


Republic HQ


Escaping the grip that smart devices have on our lives seems to be a theme of 2017, and the team at Republic Wireless offers a compelling solution. MNML worked with Republic on the HQ—a hands-free, voice-controlled speakerphone with smart assistant that works with your existing mobile number. Take it with you and leave your smartphone behind to focus on the things that matter, while never being disconnected.

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Republic Relay


Like its older sibling, HQ, the Republic Relay is a smart walkie talkie that celebrates adventure and freedom from smartphones. Talk to multiple friends and family at once with a single touch, locate your child in real time using the Relay app, and use Google Assistant on the go.


House of Marley

Portable speakers with no boundries

Beach and sand proof, the No Bounds line of outdoor Bluetooth speakers are durable, portable, and ready for any adventure. MINIMAL worked with the House of Marley team to add moldable cork to the already robust line of sustainable materials which includes rewind fabrics, regrind silicones, and bamboo or FCS certified wood.



Under Armour C1N Trainers

Under Armour partnered with MNML on the athlete immersion process and product strategy for their MVP athletes. Informed by the Panthers quarterback’s personality and functional performance needs, MNML worked closely with Cam Newton on his first training shoe to bring his swag from the field to the street.




To celebrate our love for this city and the neighborhood we've made our home for 10 years, we collaborated with muralist and artist Lauren Asta to bring her work back to the Fulton Market District. To celebrate the completion of the mural, MNML hosted a pop-up event outside our office so the West Loop could meet Lauren and our team.

We believe art inspires design inspires community, and we're excited to have Lauren’s art contributing to both our story, and Chicago's.

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